Small Cap Curtain Finial

Curtain Rod with Resin Finial

Curtain Rod with Resin Finial

Give your windows a luxurious look by adding our resin curtain rod.



Tieback is your best choice to pull curtains to the side for more light.


JEN-MAO's Small Cap Curtain Finial Manufacturering Services

Jen-Mao Ind. Co., Ltd. is a Small Cap Curtain Finial manufacturer from Taiwan. Their well-designed curtain hardware including curtain finials, which can be made using various materials such as zinc, resin, iron, acrylic and plastic.

Jen-Mao Ind. Co., Ltd. also has a wide selection of curtain hardware, curtain holdbacks, curtain single brackets, curtain rings, at reasonable prices.

JEN-MAO has been offering decorative curtain hardware since 1982. With both advanced technology and 34 years of experience, JEN-MAO always makes sure to meet each customer's demands.

Small Cap Curtain Finial


9.8mm Small Cap Window Finial for Curtain Rod

Small Cap Curtain Finial - small_cap_curtain_finial

A simple and classic curtain hardware finial. It is available in various finishes.




Zinc Alloy

Surface Treatment

Plating / Coating

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