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Curtain Rod with Finial

Curtain Rod with Finial

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Curtain Zinc Finial

Curtain Zinc Finial - curtain_zinc_finial

Zinc finial is cast in zinc alloy which will not rust. The main factors to make a good die cast item is mold design, pressure and speed. There are different ways to design a mold but only good technician designs the best paths, air chambers and releasing lines to make a good object. Then, each mold needs to test several times to fine tune the appropriate die casting speed and pressure.

For zinc die cast parts, the parting line is always visible due to the mold construction. The normal process to reduce the visibility is vibration. If it is not able to reach customer's requirement, we will polish the part piece by piece to remove the parting line completely.

To lower the weight and cost, we always design the mold for casting in two or three pieces and use the screw to assemble. The appearance makes no difference as one piece cast.

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  • Octagon Window Finial - octagon_window_finial
    Octagon Window Finial

    Octagon shaped zinc curtain finial with spear design on both sides. No matter which side you turn to front, the pattern will not be changed. This curtain finial is made of zinc alloy and suitable for 16mm and 19mm (5/8", 3/4") curtain pole. Not just the styles on the website, we're open to receiving your design/drawing, turning it into production in the most cost-effective way.

  • Fan Curtain Finial - fan_curtain_finial
    Fan Curtain Finial

    A fan-shaped curtain finial with hollowed back to lighten its weight. A perfect match to plain, patterned and elegant curtains. Suitable for 1/2" and 5/8" rods.

  • Baroque Curtain Finial - baroque_curtain_finial
    Baroque Curtain Finial

    A phoenix tail shaped curtain finial with a hollowed back to lighten its weight, with delicated texture of the feathers, you can tell the difference of our die-casting technique with others.

  • Spear Window Finial - spear_window_finial
    Spear Window Finial

    This curtain finial design is a quad top with a ball. It is made of zinc alloy and suitable for 5/8", 3/4" (16mm, 19mm) curtain pole. If you don’t see a style you like on our website, you can also send us your designs or samples to make your own finial.

  • Arrow Curtain Finial - arrow_curtain_finial
    Arrow Curtain Finial

    A chess-like curtain finial which we called castle, is a three-spears curtain finial. This classic curtain finial designed for basic, elegant curtains. The material of this curtain finial is zinc alloy. It fits 13mm, 16mm, 19mm (1/2", 5/8", 3/4") curtain pole.

  • Cone Window Finial - cone_window_finial
    Cone Window Finial

    Tapered curtain finial, made of zinc alloy. Burr-free die-casting technique, smooth surface, simple design and can be covered with plating or coating. This curtain finial is suitable for 1/2", 5/8" (13mm, 16mm) curtain rods.

  • Onion Curtain Finial - onion_curtain_finial
    Onion Curtain Finial

    With our onion curtain finial, you can see delicated texture, and we will make the parting-line going off. If you choose a rubbered color, this finial will look more dimensional compare to other finishes. This curtain finial is made of zinc alloy. It is suitable for 1/2", 5/8" and 6/8" (13mm, 16mm, 19mm) curtain rods.

  • Classic Hook Curtain Finial - classic_hook_curtain_finial
    Classic Hook Curtain Finial

    We have 2 kinds of hook finial in our collections: One is sharp head and the other is round head. The more simple design can be easier to check its quality. This is one of the most hot sellers among our finials. Suitable for 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" curtain rod.

  • Pagoda Curtain Finial - pagoda_curtain_finial
    Pagoda Curtain Finial

    A very simple streamline design curtain finial, on its top, there is a bamboo hat shaped design of it and a curved-waist of its body, suitable for modern curtains. It is made of zinc alloy and fits 1/2", 5/8" (13mm, 16mm) curtain pole. Not just the styles on the website, we're open to receiving your drawing/sample, turning it into production in the most cost-effective way.

  • Scroll Window Finial - scroll_window_finial
    Scroll Window Finial

    A ball curtain finial with floral texture belt in the middle, always good for antique-finishes, suitable for small windows. We also provide custom-made service, curtain finial can be manufactured according to your samples or drawings.

  • Simple End Cap Curtain Finial - simple_end_cap_finial
    Simple End Cap Curtain Finial

    A common use as end cap for curtain rod sets. Can be matched with other finials when the rod sets are double rod sets. Basically, if you don't want to change the finials, then basic end cap is your best choice. Suitable for 1" and 1 1/8" curtain rod.

  • Shield Curtain Finial - shield_curtain_finial
    Shield Curtain Finial

    Curtain finial in hollow fan-shaped, with bamboo details on its body. Often been used in an eastern style decorations.We welcome custom-made order, any type of curtain finial could be manufactured based on client’s sample or drawing.

  • Tulip Window Finial - tulip_window_finial
    Tulip Window Finial

    A curtain finial in a shield shape, and there is a tulip texture on it. On top of the shield there's a dimensional crown. It will go well with royal, elegant curtains.

  • Grand Leaf Curtain Finial - grand_leaf_curtain_finial
    Grand Leaf Curtain Finial

    This curtain finial contains delicated veins and graceful figure. It is made of zinc alloy. Both plating and coating treatment are doable. The finish on the picture is white coating with manual gold brush line.

  • Tears Window Finial - tears_window_finial
    Tears Window Finial

    This is a curtain finial with hammered texture on its surface, it looks like a hollowed tear drop, made of zinc alloy. We can help to further develop your drawing or sample for the best production outcomes

  • Petite Zinc Ball Curtain Finial - petite_zinc_ball_finial
    Petite Zinc Ball Curtain Finial

    This Petite Ball was designed for fitting 9.8mm curtain pole. It is shipped with plug which is to connect with the rod. The material of this petite ball curtain finial is zinc alloy. In addition to selecting the styles shown on the website, we are able to make custom-made curtain finial based on your sample or drawing.

  • Petite Square Curtain Finial - petite_square_curtain_finial
    Petite Square Curtain Finial

    This square finial with a pyramid top, suitable for 9.8mm rod, designed for classic interior decorations. We provide OEM service to manufacture the curtain finial based on your design and our die casting machines offer capabilities for more than 300 tons.

  • Petite Knob Curtain Finial - petite_knob_finial
    Petite Knob Curtain Finial

    A pumpkin shaped curtain finial with eight smooth ridges and fits for 9.8mm curtain rod. It is one of best window decorations for Halloween season.

  • Small Cap Curtain Finial - small_cap_curtain_finial
    Small Cap Curtain Finial

    A simple and classic curtain hardware finial. It is available in various finishes. The material of this curtain finial is zinc alloy. Suitable for 9.8mm curtain pole. If you have other style requirements, we could do custom-made curtain finial based on your design.

  • Small Mushroom Curtain Finial - small_mushroom_curtain_finial
    Small Mushroom Curtain Finial

    The top portion looks like pileus so we call it "Mushroom". It is made of zinc alloy and suitable for 9.8mm curtain pole. We can also make custom-designed curtain finial according to client’s sample or drawing.

  • Flat Spear Window Finial - flat_spear_window_finial
    Flat Spear Window Finial

    This finial is with two square scrolls. With high die-casting technique, its surface is very smooth and no sharp edge. Its size is width 4.3" and length 6". Besides the styles on the website, we can also supply curtain finial based on your technical drawing.

  • Semicircle Curtain Finial - semicircle_curtain_finial
    Semicircle Curtain Finial

    There are two available sizes for this semi-circular finial. One is suitable for 3/8" & 1/2" pole (width 1.1" x length 1.3"), the other is suitable for 5/8", 3/4" pole (width 1.7" x length 1.9"). The material of this curtain finial is zinc alloy.

  • Giant Leaf Curtain Finial - giant_leaf_curtain_finial
    Giant Leaf Curtain Finial

    With delicate texture of vein, antique finishes will be emerged perfectly. The size is width 4.5" and length 4.9". This leaf curtain finial is made of zinc alloy and is suitable for 5/8", 3/4" curtain pole. Additionally, our company provide OEM service, we produce curtain finials according to your drawings or samples.

  • Zinc Pineapple Curtain Finial - zinc_pineapple_curtain_finial
    Zinc Pineapple Curtain Finial

    To lighten the weight, this Pinecone finial was designed with hollow body. It consists of three pieces which are assembled by one screw. It is made of zinc alloy and suitable for 5/8" and 3/4" curtain pole.

Result 1 - 24 of 46

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