Tie Down Strap

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Curtain Rod with Finial

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Tie Down Strap

Tie Down Strap - tie_down_strap

Tie down strap (also called lashing strap, webbing with linking device or tie downs) is used for fastening of goods with truck, trailer, pallets, boxes and containers. Tie down strap is an essential webbing that is outfitted with tie down hardware. This hardware allows the tie down strap to attach to the area surrounding the cargo or equipment.

The main hardware on the Tie-Down strap we make is cam buckle which is made of zinc alloy and steel. The available sizes are for 19mm, 1", 35mm and 2" strap. The surface treatment we always put it on is zinc plated and yellow zinc plated if customer doesn't have specific request.

As for the webbing, please provide the specification (material, width, color, breaking strength and thickness), then we will be able to manufacture it accordingly. If the special requirements (for example : printing words on the webbing or add UV resistant) are necessary, it's no problem for us to offer this service.

We have sufficient experience of sewing the webbing with buckle or hook for being a complete tie down strap set. We know how to make the webbing and buckle or hook perfectly match. Tell us the purpose of your use, we will provide the suitable and useful tie down strap for you.

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  • Lashing Straps with S Hooks - tie_down_strap
    Lashing Straps with S Hooks

    This tie down strap consists of cam buckle and two S hooks. There are many types of cam buckles for you to choose, finding them on our cam buckle listing. We also offer custom-made strap to match the cam buckle with your desire length, color or the material you specify.

  • Lashing Straps - cam_buckle_strap
    Lashing Straps

    Lashing Straps for a number of applications, including securing cargo and motorcycles. This cam buckle tie down strap fits with endless belt. We have plenty of cam buckles for you to choose from, finding them on our website. Any length, color, or material can be custom-made as your request.

  • E Track Fitting Cam Strap Tie Down - 2_inch_tie_down_strap
    E Track Fitting Cam Strap Tie Down

    Tie downs, which are also known as tie down straps, secure products and equipment in place during transport or while in storage. This tie down strap has a cam buckle and E track fittings. We offer a variety of cam buckles, end fittings and different colored webbings based on your requests.

  • Cam Buckle Tie Down with Flat J-Hook - fasten_tie_down_strap
    Cam Buckle Tie Down with Flat J-Hook

    The tie down strap is tightened by cam buckle and with two flat J hooks. There are many types of cam buckles for you to choose from, please find them on the cam buckle listing. We can also do custom-made straps, end fittings according to your requests.

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