Zinc Alloy Part

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Zinc Alloy Part

Production Process

(1) Raw Material

To die cast finial, bracket, bathroom hardware and tie down, we always use Zamak 3 and 4 which are steady material. Each batch has its own test certificate, so our customers are peace in mind for the material we used on the products.

(2) Die Casting

The die casting machine we use is hot chamber. It is used for zinc alloys with low melting temperatures, in this case, to reduce bubbles during die-casting. We have our own zinc die casting machines (one of 125 tons and three of 60tons locking force) to die cast the parts for our window treatment, bathroom hardware and tie down.

(3) Tapping

Tapping holes isn’t a process that can be easily completed on the fly. Before threading, a technician should collect all pertinent measurements beforehand. Otherwise, a poorly tapped hole may lead to the wrong thread size.

(4) Barrel polishing

Barrel polishing is a finishing process used to polish a large number of parts in a short period of time. This process not only remove the dust / oil but also polish the surface of object. Depends on the design of object, we always use different shape/size of polishing stone to reach high quality.

(5) Coating or Electroplating

No matter the object needs to be coated or electroplated, the pre-wash is the first and most important procedure. It not only cleans but roughens the surface of the object. Besides pre-wash procedure, the amount of paint, coating/baking temperature are also important factors for surface treatment.

The longest curtin pole we can make is 4M for coating and 2M for electroplating.

(6) Assembling / Packing

We have an independent QC department, before packing, we check the products randomly or piece by piece, it depends on the products themselves or customers' requests. We have total 3 assembling lines to supply our orders, we use ERP system to maintain our orders to prevent from any packing mistakes.

(7) Shipping

Our skillful employees know how to load our products in the most suitable way to save the spaces of the container.To prevent the cartons from moving around or falling during transportation or unloading, some of our customers will use the net to protect the shipment.

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