Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Jen-Mao is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We well know that producing defective goods incurs repair cost and damages the reputation of the company. In order for quality to be achieved, we ensure that all processes are controlled in a standardized manner.

We choose and manage our suppliers carefully which are able to supply quality raw materials and parts that are under stringent quality control. Not only QC inspectors, all of our staff are trained to check all items at every step in the production process for faults. When any defects are found, our staff will find out the root causes and produce a solution to prevent it from happening again. Before final products are completed and ready to leave the factory, the pre-shipment inspection is performed to meet the quality standards based on client requirements.

We offer the best combination of quality and service to save our customers money, time to make their products more competitive in the market.

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