Curtain Acrylic / Plastic Finial

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Curtain Rod with Finial

Curtain Rod with Finial

Give your windows a luxurious look by adding our curtain rod set.



Tieback is your best choice to pull curtains to the side for more light.


Curtain Acrylic / Plastic Finial

Curtain Acrylic / Plastic Finial - curtain_acrylic_plastic_finial

Plastic is a kind of material which was widely used in the curtain industry, and it is the most common way to cost down.

Since we have strong background of tooling, we are able to make various construction of plastic curtain finials to hit your target price; also, we are capable to cover the plastic part with fabric, coating, vacuum plating or inject different colors of plastic material to decorate itself.

Acrylic is used to describe a clear and glass-like plastic. It resembles glass, but is stronger, lighter and cheaper. Also, it can be made in different colors by adding pigment powder. We take these advantages to select this material to be one part of our product.

A plastic /acrylic made curtain finial is light-weighted, cheap and almost suitable for every style of curtains.

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  • 43mm Acrylic Faceted Ball Curtain Finial - 43mm_acrylic_faceted_ball_curtain_finial
    43mm Acrylic Faceted Ball Curtain Finial

    A basic but popular curtain finial among the world. Made in zinc alloy base with an acrylic ball on top. We have total 6 colors of acrylic ball you can choose from, to make your curtains and curtain rods work perfectly. The diameters for the curtain pole are 1/2", 5/8" and 6/8" or 13mm, 16mm, 16mm.

  • Embroidered Curtain Finial - embroidered_curtain_finial
    Embroidered Curtain Finial

    A stunning hand-made embroidered curtain finial, it goes well with vintage curtain fabrics. There are two colors for selection: Gold and Red. It is suitable for 1/2", 5/8" or 13mm and 16mm curtain rods. If you need something you don’t see on the website, please contact us.

  • Square Acrylic Window Rod Finial - square_acrylic_window_finial
    Square Acrylic Window Rod Finial

    A simple pagoda-shaped finial, it will create an Asia style on your window. In the form of a crystal cube with cut edges, each side has a hemisphere bubble on it. The material of the crystal part is acrylic and the base is made of zinc alloy. This finial is suitable for 13mm, 16mm and 19mm (1/2", 5/8", 3/4") curtain pole. The color is shown in black, other colors are also available upon customer’s request.

  • Wood imitation Curtain Finial - wood_imitation_curtain_finial
    Wood imitation Curtain Finial

    To make a wood-like curtain finial top, we add grains on the plastic material. With special tecniques, our finial is even lighter and more sustianable than usual wood finials. It will never get rotten.

  • Plastic Pineapple Curtain Finial - plastic_pineapple_curtain_finial
    Plastic Pineapple Curtain Finial

    With high-standard injection technique, you can see the texture on its surface. Burr-free, no sharp end design. This curtain finial is suitable for diameter in 1/2", 13mm, 5/8", 16mm curtain pole. Besides this style, we can make curtain finial according to your design and turn it into production in a cost effective way.

  • Decorative Leaf Window Finial - leaf_window_finial
    Decorative Leaf Window Finial

    Leafy plastic curtain finial. No sharp edge, delicated texture of vein, suitable for small windows. It can fit for 13mm, 16mm (1/2", 5/8") curtain pole. This gold finish that contains glitters for added shiny effect and we offer a variety of different colors for you to choose from. Of course, we can also match the colors according to your color samples.

  • 60mm Acrylic Ball Curtain Finial - 60mm_acrylic_ball_curtain_finial
    60mm Acrylic Ball Curtain Finial

    Nothing glitters like crystal, and this crystal ball finial is no exception. Use it on your curtain pole to create a new visual look in the room. The bottom of this finial is made of zinc alloy with an acrylic ball on top. The crystal part can also be made with some bubbles inside the ball for different style. This curtain finial is suitable for 1", 1 1/8" diameter curtain rod.

  • Christmas Tree Acrylic / Plastic Curtain Finial - christmas_tree_acrylic_plastic_curtain_finial
    Christmas Tree Acrylic / Plastic Curtain Finial

    This finial is assembled with three Acrylic parts which can be made in other colors for more active. The metal parts are made of zinc alloy. This curtain final is suitable for 16mm and 19mm (5/8", 3/4") curtain pole in diameter. You can also send us your designs or samples to make your own finial, if you don’t see a style you like on our website.

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