Curtain Resin Finial

Curtain Rod with Finial

Curtain Rod with Finial

Give your windows a luxurious look by adding our curtain rod set.



Tieback is your best choice to pull curtains to the side for more light.


Curtain Resin Finial

Curtain Resin Finial - curtain_resin_finial

The material of Resin finial is polyresin. It is a sturdy material that can be intricately molded, allowing a great level of detail with consistent texture. Polyresin is also compatible with a large range of different finishes, including paint and metallic finishes, that is why many decorative pieces are made of this material.

The mold of making a resin finial is much cheaper than making a die-cast one. or small quantity or complicated pattern decorative piece, resin is a good choice as its mold is flexible and capable of making various designs. Besides the colorful painting, we are able to create the vintage and transparent look.

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  • Resin Beaded Curtain Finial - resin_beaded_curtain_finial
    Resin Beaded Curtain Finial

    This finial is perfect for adding the finishing touches to your home. The available size is for 1" and 1 1/8" curtain pole. It is made by resin casting with metallic appearance. Beyond the color is shown in the photo, special colors are available on demand.

  • Resin Hexagon Curtain Finial - resin_hexagon_curtain_finial
    Resin Hexagon Curtain Finial

    Fits for diameter 1", 1 1/8" curtain pole. This curtain finial is made of solid resin. We always have extra protection on the package and it will not be broken easily during transportation. As well as the color shown on the website we also offer custom finishes in accordance with your sample.

  • Resin Lamp Curtain Finial - resin_lamp_curtain_finial
    Resin Lamp Curtain Finial

    With fine texture, it will surprise you how much a perfect finial will add to your window. This curtain finial is made by resin casting and enable the casting piece with an intricate design. Fits for 1" and 1 1/8" curtain rod. If you have a special need, we can produce finial to your design and color as your request.

  • Three Clear Disks Resin Curtain Finial - three_clear_disks_resin_curtain_finial
    Three Clear Disks Resin Curtain Finial

    This finial is assembled with three clear resin disks. This unique design is popular in Europe. Works with curtain pole 5/8", 3/4" in diameter. If you are not able to find something to suit your demand we will be happy to discuss your design from sample to production.

  • Fluted Resin Curtain Finial - fluted_resin_curtain_finial
    Fluted Resin Curtain Finial

    This starfruit-shaped finial is made of resin and suitable for 1" and 1 1/8" curtain pole. We make sure every resin casting part is smooth with quality surface treatment. Custom-made curtain finial is also available. We are always welcome you to discuss your new design with us.

  • Resin Urn Curtain Finial - resin_urn_curtain_finial
    Resin Urn Curtain Finial

    With black wash on the twist rope, this finial has a gorgeous look. It is produced out of resin, the advantage of the resin casting which enables the finial of intricate designs and painted in many desired colors. It works with 1", 1 1/8" diameter curtain pole.

  • Crystal Knob Resin Curtain Finial - crystal_knob_resin_curtain_finial
    Crystal Knob Resin Curtain Finial

    This Knob finial is made of resin. The middle part is transparent and the top, neck part is in two-tone finish. We can paint the color based on the sample as you want. It is suitable for curtain pole 1", 1 1/8" in diameter.

  • Onion Dome Resin Curtain Finial - onion_dome_resin_curtain_finial
    Onion Dome Resin Curtain Finial

    This onion dome curtain finial has a spiral pattern. To reveal its feature/design absolutely, we suggest doing the finish with black wash. It is made by resin casting that is a good way to present intricate design. Fits for 1", 1 1/8" curtain rod.

  • Flying Saucer Resin Curtain Finial - flying_saucer_resin_curtain_finial
    Flying Saucer Resin Curtain Finial

    With simple design, this finial looks like a flying saucer. You can imagine you are in outer space when decorating this finial with your window.

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